Our first overseas holiday as a family of 3! We planned a 2 week trip to New Zealand and I couldn’t wait to spend time with family and to explore a little more of the country I grew up in.

Saturday 4th August 2018
Our journey started at the Brisbane Airport where Jack went on his first flight. He did travel really well, but we were quick to realise the days of relaxing on a plane and watching a movie are over. Ha! Luckily, our flight was less than 4 hours, and Jack even made friends with a lovely lady from Taiwan who had taught him to wave by the end of the flight.

We were lucky enough to have a spare seat in our row which made for a pretty comfy napping spot with Kippy.

Monday 6th August 2018
After a relaxing Sunday we decided to venture out in the cold to one of my Mum’s favourite cafes for lunch. The Podium Cafe looks out over Lake Karapiro and serves delicious meals and coffee.

Nanny T and Jack.

The view over Lake Karapiro.

Sam and Andy couldn’t help themselves!

We ended the day with a walk – and skate – around the parklands by Mum’s house.

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