Saturday 6th October 2018
Welcome to Camp Jack! We decided on a camping themed birthday party to celebrate Jack turning 1.

The camping theme made the decorating and food choices extra fun!

These campfire cupcakes were such a hit.

Bear Poop. See, fun food options!

The Trail Mix Bar was great! Everyone snacked throughout the morning on all of the goodies, then got to fill up a paper bag with their choice of ingredients to take home. A great adult party favor option.

Aunty Fi’s impressive platters!

Camping mugs and goodies for the little campers.

In the personalised mugs were bouncing balls for the older kiddies, and bright plastic chains for the little ones. Along with some treats of course!

Cuddles with Aunty Tea who came out extra early to help set up the camp site. Thank you Aunty Tea.

I made a giant cupcake with the hope that Jack would rip it apart, really enjoy eating it and getting covered in chocolate in the process. A real first birthday tradition I think.

But Jack had other plans. He picked off a couple of MnMs and ate a little bit of the ‘fire’ and that was it. He really wasn’t fussed with it at all. Typical, ha!

In true Jack style, he really enjoyed his fruit though.

Smiles with Aunty Fi Fi…

and sharing cupcakes with Nanny and Poppy.

What an amazing day celebrating the littlest Jolliffe turning 1. Thank you to everyone who made the day so special.