Friday 17th August 2018
It was time to say goodbye to New Plymouth and head back to Cambridge. We timed it perfectly so we could stop in for lunch at Pekaren to fuel us for the journey home. Wood-fired pizza was winner all around!

Once we arrived back to Mum’s house we all needed to stretch our legs, so we rugged up and headed out for an afternoon walk. And of course, here are some standard adorable Jack pictures…

Saturday 18th August 2018
Today was the day we headed back to Australia so Jack spent the morning getting in as much Nanny cuddles as possible.

Mum dropped us off at the airport and we prepared for our flight home. We were the typical worried parents prior to the flight, praying that Jack wouldn’t cry too much… but we ended up having nothing to worry about as he slept the whole flight home. Winning!

Our little greeter who was super excited to see us when we arrived home ♥

We had such a great holiday and really enjoyed our first overseas trip with Jack. I cannot wait to do it all again next year!