Saturday 11th August 2018
We left Cambridge bright and early to drive out to the Waikaite Valley to visit Trevor on his new farm. The drive was very scenic (and green!), and we somehow managed to navigate the small and winding country roads, with very limited phone reception, without getting lost. We were quite proud of ourselves.

Jack’s first time meeting a pig.

I think he would have crawled around with them if we had let him. Ha!

The stunning green landscape that covers New Zealand. I do miss it.

First time on a trampoline, and loving it.

After lunch we drove down the road to visit Shaun and Rachel on their dairy farm. I was excited for Jack to see the calves as they were such a big part of my childhood growing up on a farm.

It was so great for Jack to meet Shaun and Rachel, and for us to see where they spend their days tackling the hard task of running a farm. Until next time, guys!