Thursday 9th August 2018
Our last day in Whiritoa, and not a bad view to wake up to…

7:12am: Jack already keen to go exploring outside.

Slow mornings on holidays are the best, but what’s even better? Finding the best local cafes! When lunch time rolled around we headed to Port Road Project in Whangamata. We ate lunch here the day before and were that impressed we had to go again. These waffle fries were divine!

And as for the toasted sandwich, Andy said it was the best he had ever had.

After filling our bellies, we grabbed our takeaway coffees and went for a walk around the local shops. We came across this little guy and had to get a picture with Jack on him. The Buzzy Bee is a New Zealand icon and Jack even has a little pull along Buzzy Bee at home.

Life with a baby revolves around food and naps (always!), so we headed back to the house for Jack to have a sleep and we all had some chill time. Before dinner we went for another beach walk but this time the weather was stunning, and the beach looked completely different.

Spot the brave surfers out in the freezing cold surf!