Sunday 12th August 2018
Sam has been karting for years, and we finally got a chance to see him race! We spent the day at Porter Group Park in Hamilton, and got to see what is involved in a day of racing.

Nanny was prepared with earmuffs to protect these little ears. It was SO loud next to the track.

It is a frantic rush to have the karts fixed up and ready to go in between races. Luckily it was all hands on deck!

Jack’s first time meeting Uncle Michael ♥

Jack was so excited by all of the things he could grab at on the kart, especially the steering wheel.

And they were off…

A crash on the track meant all karts had to stop mid-race and wait while it was taken care off.

It took about 40mins of me briskly walking and swaying to finally put Jack to sleep for his nap, ha! All worth it when you can then enjoy quiet time in the sun with a coffee in hand.

We had such a great time seeing all of the fun, chaos and excitement that goes on in a day of karting. I am so glad we got to be apart of it.